Click the link below to download the 2023 Stoneboro Fair Vendor Application.   Please note the fair office staff and board officials reserve the right to deny an application without reason or cause. Please contact the office with questions.

Vendor Application – 2023 Fair


**Important Note on: The Sale of CBD Edibles

• Under current Pennsylvania and federal laws, it is unlawful for anyone to sell consumable/edible CBD products.
• Such products would include any food, nutritional or dietary supplements, gummies, candy, chewing gum or beverages consumed by humans that contain CBD.
• Fairs (whether they have a liquor license or not) should not allow vendors to sell any of these products on the fairgrounds.
• Vendors may sell non-edible CDB products on the fairgrounds.
Updated: April 2023


Insurance Requirement

Contracts must include a copy of vendor insurance stating that The Great Stoneboro Fair is Additionally Insured before August 1st. Insurance documents can be faxed, mailed, or emailed to our office. This information can be found on our Fair Contract.

Camping –

All campers are $75 – additional $12 if there is air conditioning – contact the office for more information.